How Do Alpine Hot Tubs Differ from Other Wood Hot Tubs?

Through using stainless steel to create our tubs we can guarantee leak free tubs, while maintaining the look of a traditional hot tub. The stainless steel also makes is easy to clean the inside of our tubs - simply empty your tub and wipe it down.

The other material used for our tubs is cedar wood to line the outside of the tub. The first residents of the Pacific Northwest called Cedar the “Tree of Life”. Its durability makes it perfect for building ocean-going canoes, post-and-beam houses, ancestral totem poles and more, many of which have withstood centuries of weathering.

Cedar’s durability is legendary. Its natural resistance to moisture decay and insect damage makes Cedar the ideal choice for structures that are exposed to the elements such as the sun, rain, heat and cold year-round.

Cedar is also very stable with long straight grains that resist twisting, warping, cupping, setting and shrinking. This is why it has been a preferred choice for outdoor wooden products such as tubs and outdoor furniture.