Should I Get a Wood-Fired, Gas or Electric hot tub?

There are a few key things to consider when deciding the heating source for your hot tub.

How often will you use it?
If you want a tub that you can fill and use daily, our electric hot tub will probably suit your needs the best. This option operates similar to an acrylic spa, where you can treat the water to keep your tub full and warm to use as you desire.

Where will you place your tub and what facilities will it have access to?
Where you want to place your tub will influence the heating source – if you’d like it in a more remote area that doesn’t have access to electricity, or if you’d like to run it off the grid, our wood-fired or gas/wood-fired hot tubs will meet your requirements. These tubs should be emptied after each use to assist with keeping them clean.