Attract more customers with Hot Tubs

Holiday Park business owners, villa managers, campground managers, and holiday rental property owners, are you looking for the edge on your competitors? Want a fantastic way to impress your customers and turn them into repeat clients? Looking for a new angle for marketing your business? Do you need the “wow” factor to push your business past your competitors? We’ve got the answer.

Everyone loves to soak in a hot tub. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in New Zealand include hot springs, Onsens, and lodges with tubs on site. Put a hot tub in your holiday park, hotel, or campground and you can expect an increase in visitor numbers.

BBQs, swimming pools, and tennis courts are proven to keep customers happy. But if you want to impress people, install a hot tub and watch the 5-star reviews come in.

The research...

In the United States, 26% of luxury vacation travellers cited “hot tubs” as the most important amenity in their accommodation.

46% of people count “hot tubs” as the most romantic feature of a hotel stay.

By some reports, more than 50% of people that choose log cabins, glamping, camping sites, and lodges, look for hot tubs as an essential amenity.

Your potential clients use Google as a starting point to find accommodation when they travel. Statistics show that every month in New Zealand (especially mid-winter and mid-summer) thousands of people enter search terms such as “accommodation with hot tubs”, “holiday cottages with hot tubs”, and “hot tub getaways” in the search engine. Do you want to miss out on these customers?

Choosing the right tub

Consumers are more health conscious in 2019 than they were even 10 years ago. The chemical-free products movement is growing fast. New Zealanders are very aware of the need to care for the environment and businesses need to consider their environmental impact.

Choose a hot tub that uses fresh water only. Regular hot tubs use the same water for multiple uses. And chemicals keep the water ‘clean'. But this is dangerous for us and for the environment. A cleaner and safer way to make hot tubs hygienic is to use fresh water every time and skip the chemicals.

Choosing a local manufacturer and provider for sourcing hot tubs will benefit your business in the long run. Here’s why:

  • Better customer service from a local business.
  • Local expertise for advice on New Zealand weather conditions, installation, and maintenance.
  • Adherence to regional safety standards and environmental standards.
  • Fast repairs and replacements in the unlikely event of damage or malfunction.

Installing a hot tub requires an investment. Using a solid tub that will last for many years helps improve the return on investment.

Alpine Tubs’ stainless steel tubs are designed for extended use. They are tough and easy to clean (wood-only tubs can be difficult and expensive to clean properly). Your investment will give you a huge return over the years thanks to the easy maintenance and durability of the tub.