Gas / Wood Fired Hot Tub

Our Gas / Wood Fired hot tubs give you the option of using both gas and firewood in the same burner. This is a versatile hot tub for outdoor use and provides the ultimate relaxation experience for Kiwis with backyard, lawn, or deck space. Our tubs are compact (yet spacious) so they don't need a lot of space to set up and run.

A hot tub that looks great, is built from sturdy materials of the highest available quality, and is packed with features. An Alpine Tubs wood and gas hot tubs offer everything you need for a modern relaxation experience, with the advantage of quicker heating and simplicity of use over other electric or wood-fired options. A 5-year build warranty gives you peace of mind when investing in your own tub.

  • Stand alone copper and brass 36KW gas / wood burner (can run on gas, or solid fuels such as timber or coal)
  • Quality cedar cladding with superior insulating properties
  • Choice of either a stainless steel seat or wooden slat seat both will accommodate 5 – 6 people
  • Our use of Stainless Steel for internal lining and components means the best durability in the industry. Built to last!
  • Premium insulated vinyl hardcover that meets requirements of New Zealand standard 8500 (features 4 child-proof latches)
  • Rapid heating time (from cold to 38°C in 2 – 3 hours) means the ideal hot tub temperature is reached quickly. This allows for the use of fresh water each time and saves you money on heating
  • The use of fresh water means chemicals are not needed for your hot tub
  • As there is no requirement hot tub chemicals, the water used to fill the tub is safe for secondary use, e.g. irrigation
  • Alpine Tubs products do not shrink or leak if left empty, unlike wood-only hot tubs
  • 1600mm W x 1070mm H
  • 5-year warranty on the wood-fired hot tub, with a 2-year warranty on the cover
  • Manufactured in New Zealand
  • Easy installation
  • Our high-quality tubs are durable. Roll your tub where ever it needs to go
  • Delivery throughout NZ

Burner details

  • Stand-alone gas / wood burner. Puts the ‘hot' into the hot tub without needing a pump or electricity
  • Burner can run on gas or solid fuels such as timber or coal for great versatility
  • Rated at 36kW/hr allows rapid heating time (from cold to 38°C in 2 – 3 hours), allowing the use of fresh water each time
  • 330mm wide & 730mm long. Weight ~ 24kg